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Magic Portal Biker Sweatshirt


Some fun sews for Mr. Model this week!


When I found out MK*Designs was sending me a “portal” panel set of Donald Duck, I thought the (aff) MW Patterns Biker Sweatshirt would be a perfect complement for it. This is the same pattern I used a month or so ago when I made the US Air Force sweatshirt, and I’m still no closer in working out a better way to construct it! I think this is the type of thing you need to make back to back multiple times before working out the best construction method.


Upon seeing the front of this shirt, my son, 4:


My daughter, 2:

“I LOVE IT! Me, Mickey Mouse??!”

Me — turns shirt around —

Son: “OOOOH!!!!” (Laughs)


To complete the look, I used some distressed knit from Whimsy Baby Customs for the neckband and gray cotton lycra for the waistband and cuffs. I also stabilized the distressed knit with the cotton lycra since it’s pretty thin and drapey (my initial plan was to have distressed knit on one side and cotton lycra on the back, rather than cutting the distressed knit on the fold, but I had to rethink that after I cut it out the wrong way, and ultimately did 3 layers of fabric for the neckband).


Here’s a couple of shots of the inside – I find it difficult to get a nice internal finish with this pattern – I think if you did a full lining (not in the tutorial) you may get a better internal finish. But I’m still working out how best to work this pattern! (If you’ve made this and have good instructions, I’m all ears!).

After completing the sweater I felt it still needed something else. After sleeping on it, I suddenly remembered I owned the (aff) MW Patterns Criss Cross Beanie pattern! I think this little hat finished off this outfit perfectly!



Constructing the hat wasn’t too difficult. It comes with two options – regular fit and slouchy fit. This one is the regular version. The tutorial was fairly straight forward to follow, though I think there’s an error in the step where you assemble the pieces before stitching the outer to the lining. In this step it tells you to stitch the outer pieces together, then the lining pieces together. It should say to stitch one outer to one lining piece.


I had some blue Stenzo cotton lycra from Mabel Madison in my stash from forever ago (this one is similar but not quite the same color) and made a length of binding with my coverstitch machine. This blue is a pretty perfect match to the panel!


MK*Designs has a whole bunch of these Disney inspired portal panel sets on preorder right now! If you have twins, I think it would be super fun to do one panel on each twin’s shirt!! These cotton lycra panel sets are the full length of fabric (60″) and a little less than 2/3 yard (21″). There’s also coordinates and of course, melted crayon! Preorder for these closes September 19 with a shipping time of 8-12 weeks. Join their Facebook group for all the updates and more inspiration!


Fabric & Pattern Summary:

MW Patterns Biker Sweatshirt

MW Patterns Criss Cross Beanie pattern

Gray distressed knit – Whimsy Baby Customs

(Similar) Blue Stenzo cotton lycra – Mabel Madison

Magic Portal Donald Panel Set – MK*Designs

I want to be a frog!
Sometimes you get the perfect sharpness to a shot. And the worst expression!


4 thoughts on “Magic Portal Biker Sweatshirt”

    1. Hehe, thanks!! My other kids are also demanding magic portal panels for their own clothes! I tend to only have time to get the strikes done though… my purchased preorders/retail tend not to get used!!!


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