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I’m an Auntie, Again!

Ottobre Owl & Foxes Romper sewn by AuschickI’m one of four girls, so it only figures that when Sister #2 had four boys, and sister #3 had her first baby, it was no surprise when we found out it was a boy too! So, I’m an Aunt to FIVE boys… who all happen to be in Australia 😢😢.

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I wanted to put together a little wardrobe for my newest nephew, and discovered that my stash didn’t have many boy-friendly knits in it, so over to Mabel Madison I went! I found this cute Verhees Jersey Knit with pirate monkeys, owls, and space ships on it and thought it would be great for a baby romper.

v2961-003 (1)

I realized I didn’t have many PDF baby patterns in my collection, so for this outfit I turned to Ottobre Magazine*. Ottobre is a Finnish magazine specializing in childrenswear (though they have magazines featuring menswear and womenswear now too). Picking up a copy of the magazine will convince you to buy ALL the Euro knits AND buy a coverstitch machine, so consider yourself warned! All the patterns need to be traced and seam allowance added, but don’t let that deter you. Each pattern is professionally drafted, and there are usually around 40 patterns in each issue, making them cost around 50c each.


The pattern I used can be found in Ottobre issue 3/2015 and is called “Owl and Foxes Romper”. This particular design is available in sizes 56 – 92 (3 month – 3T). I think I made size 68 (6 months) so my nephew can wear this in the Australian summer next year.


This pattern features a bound neckline and crotch, with snaps at the shoulder and crotch/legs. It’s short sleeved and designed to hit around mid-calf.


In most Ottobre patterns, the instructions have you only add seam allowances to the edges that will not have binding on them. For this pattern, I was surprised the instructions called for seam allowances on all edges except the neckline and bottom edges of sleeves. I thought perhaps this was an error, but after checking with the Ottobre Facebook group, I opted to do what the instructions said. I haven’t been able to do a fit check yet, but the proportions look good, so I think following the instructions was a good idea :).


Appliquéing the knee patches on with my coverstitch wasn’t the easiest thing. I spray basted the patches on, then used saral paper and a tracing wheel to transfer the patch edge to the back of leg fabric before reverse coverstitching it.


And of course I busted out my tabletop Kam press to install the red Kam snaps!

I can’t wait to see this outfit on the little guy!

(P.S., Any Ottobre fans out there? Or anyone putting off trying Ottobre? If you have questions, let me know in the comments — maybe I’ll put together a tutorial for a future blog post!)

(Note, Mabel Madison will be closed from noon EST June 9 – 16, so if you want this print or any other fabric from Mabel Madison’s amazing collection of Euro fabrics during that time, then get your order in before Friday!)



3 thoughts on “I’m an Auntie, Again!”

  1. I’d love an Ottobre tutorial. I have a few issues of Ottobre Kids and one Ottobre Woman and haven’t made anything from them yet.


    1. Make something! Ottobre is wonderful. I use them for my family and for myself. Try a very simple pattern first, and don’t forget to add the seam allowances. Swedish Tracing Paper works really, really well if you plan to save the pattern pieces and make your garment more than once. I’ve been a subscriber for years.

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