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Face Your Fears!

I’m not really one for Halloween themed fabric, but when I saw this Stitch panel along with the Oogie melted crayon, I showed my son and he was *all about it*. The kid adores melted crayon, and in addition to being cat obsessed, he’s also really into dogs, so this was a win-win for him!


(*contains affiliate links)

I ummed and ahhed about how to use these two fabrics from MK*Designs for what seemed the longest time. I knew I wanted to make a hoodie, and I also knew I wanted to use faux leather. Eventually I settled on my current old-faithful and went with the Halla Patterns Kids Stardust Shirt*, modifying the front color blocking and adding binding to the bodice and sleeves. I still regret not using more of the panel though – the full panel has green around the edges and that’s my son’s favorite color! I think I’d planned to use the green for the pant pockets but got a little carried away with the melted crayon, forgetting that was my original plan! Sigh… Maybe my daughter will get undies from the panel scraps instead! (Stay tuned!!)


For the pants I used the Halla Patterns Forever Fit Joggers*. THIS TIME I went with size 6/9m – 4T and lengthened the leg to the 4/5 line (last time I made the 4/5-7/8 yr and they just swam on him!). The fit is perfect on my stick boy and I think he’ll get a lot of wear from them (as long as he doesn’t go and rip them or whatever… boys).


Speaking of not ripping pants, I decided to use the Simply By Ti Stretch French Terry for the pant legs – I thought this would hold up better than cotton lycra (his other cotton lycra pants now have a hole in one knee 😢😢). This fabric will make these pants really cozy in the Fall and Winter!


And going back to faux leather, I decided to use Simply By Ti Stretch Faux Leather for all the bindings, drawstring, grommet squares and arm cuffs! I love the effect it gives!




It’s not even Summer but Halloween will still be here before you know it! The MK*Designs Face Your Fears Presale is open until May 30 and it has lots of fun panels and coordinates for kids and adults! The fabric feels SOOO nice – the Cotton Lycra is 220gsm and 60-66″ wide. It’s also available in Cotton Woven and French Terry. (Melted Crayon in French Terry would be AMAZING, right??!).



I’m a VIP Blogger for Halla Patterns and received the Forever Fit Joggers pattern in exchange for review/promotion.

I’m a “Strike off Seamstress” for MK*Designs and received a Wicked Stitchery panel and fat half of Oogie Melted Crayon for purposes of promotion. 



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