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Lienchen Skirt, Ottobre Top & Doll Outfit

24842718678_526f8a23b8_bThe nice thing about sewing custom designed fabric is that I’m obligated to maximize every last bit of it! With the remaining pieces of this “Endless Hearts” Cotton Lycra (from Beanpop Fabrics) that I used last week to make the Filou Hoodie, I decided to make the Lienchen Skirt by Pom & Pino. This is a great skirt for using scraps and showing off your favorite fabrics! There’s also many options for creativity – many of the inspiration photos have lace trim on them, so I knew that’s what I wanted to do here. I was able to use the last of my lace (from the Vanja Sweater Dress) and some green rick-rack that I had in my stash after finding it on clearance at Tuesday Morning one day.


The Lienchen Skirt is, HUZZAH!, available in English! It was a nice time saver not having to translate! (It was not, however, on sale, and of course I HAD to buy this over Black Friday weekend lol). The skirt has options for using knit fabrics as well as wovens. Typical of German patterns, there are no sizing measurement charts, so, knowing my daughter is skinny and tall, I used the size 116 for length and 110 for width. I should have compared the waistband size to her measurements, as I found the 110 was still a bit too wide for her (the waistband keeps slipping down on her!). There were no instructions for adding the embellishments along the hemline. For that, I machine basted the hem fold-line, then attached the lace/rick-rack, then sewed the hem with my coverstitch machine.

I thought about making another BeeKiddie BeeStyle Hoodie to go with this skirt for my eldest, but laziness got the better of me, and I decided to just make a basic top instead. For that, I chose a top from Ottobre Magazine (Toucan Jersey Top #25 from Ottobre issue 1/2015). The sleeves have clear elastic in them so that they have a ruched effect at the bottom. My daughter is exactly 116cm in height, but she’s on the skinny side, so I did a size 110 and lengthened it to 116. In hindsight, I could have made it a size 98 or 104 and lengthened to the 122 size. I’ll pay more attention to measurements next time! 26939861089_2233c707d3_b

I only had enough pink fabric left to do the back bodice, so rummaged through my stash and found this Stenzo blue Cotton Lycra to do the sleeves (for comparison, the Beanpop print feels slightly heavier weight than the Stenzo). It’s a little bit wild, but I think it works for kids. The great thing about the heart fabric is there are SO MANY coordinate options!


Finally, I used some of my leftover fabric to make a top and skirt for my eldest’s new American Girl doll! This whole doll clothes making world is new to me, and I see a lot more 18″ sized makes in my future! For the top and skirt, I used two free patterns available from Pixie Faire (this seems to be the doll version of Makerist! And every Friday they have a FREE doll pattern available for newsletter subscribers (not always an 18″ doll pattern, and the patterns include crochet and knitted things, not just machine sewn)).


The top is the Liberty Jane Trendy T-Shirt (note, I goofed on the back, and neglected to add a velcro/snap closure, cutting it on the fold instead. For a whole night I wondered why the back was so much wider than the front, and then it hit me, ooooh…. doll clothes do not go over heads! I’m learning here folks!). The T-shirt, incidentally, is exactly the same pattern as the Liberty Jane Tank Top but with a sleeve piece included.


The skirt is a modified Doll Tag Clothing Simply A Skirt. Since I used a knit, I cut the waistband down and skipped adding elastic to it. I also addd a scrap of lace to the bottom using the rolled hem setting on my serger and then top stitching the edge with my sewing machine.


I do love being able to make matchy-matchy things for my girls! I hope they always adore each other like they do right now! ❤ ❤ ❤



This Beanpop Fabric is currently available for pre-order until December 3, 2017! I received a Fat Half each of Endless Hearts and Endless Hearts Coordinate complimentary for purposes of promotion. Opinions are always 100% my own!

Fabric Summary:

Endless Hearts – Cotton Lycra, Beanpop Fabrics

Endless Hearts Coordinate – Cotton Lycra, Beanpop Fabrics

Blue Cotton Lycra – Stenzo (from Mabel Madison)

Magenta Cotton Lycra – Purple Seamstress

Lime Green Cotton Lycra – G Street Fabrics

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