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FeeFee Filou Heart Hoodie


It’s been a while since I’ve made my sweet baby girl an outfit! This one just adores being in front of the camera, and loves to wear mama made, so she is the perfect model!

This is my second time making the FeeFee Fashion Filou Hoody (my first Filou is over here). This time around, I did a couple of things differently – I added the elbow patches, installed the faux drawstring differently, and used the collar + hood view. I also top stitched the binding around the front, and that helps to keep it nice and flat.


And drumroll…… I’m going to put together a sewalong for this hoodie! Hopefully I’ll have it ready for next week, so if you’ve been itching to make the Filou Hoodie but you’re not sure where to start with it, I hope I’ll be able to give you a helping hand!

“I cowd” (translation: I’m cold!)

For the leggings, I used the FREE Halla Patterns Leggings pattern*. Their leggings pattern gets great reviews, so I wanted to try it out. My daughter is cloth diapered and will be 2 in February. I decided to do the size 2/3 rather than the 18-24 months size, and while they’re a little bit long (which was to be expected), I’m really happy with the fit. It’s only one pattern piece plus measurements for cutting a rectangular waistband and optional rectangular cuffs. And even better? I think I got this pair taped, traced, cut, and sewn up in maybe 45 minutes. Next ones will be super quick since I won’t have to put the pattern together!


The fabric used for the hoodie is a beautiful new print (Endless Hearts + coordinate) from Beanpop Fabrics, just in time for Valentines Day! Yep, this Hallmark Holiday will be here before you know it! These fabrics (and the rest of the collection) will be available for pre-order starting TODAY until December 3, 2017. Join the Beanpop Fabrics Facebook Group to see all the other inspirational pictures from the rest of their seamstresses!

The leggings are sewn from Riley Blake faux denim cotton Lycra that I bought from NR Fabrics.



(In hindsight I should have made the back collar piece in the polkadot print to blend in with the hood lining. I’ll keep that in mind for next time!)


*Affiliate link

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