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Boo! Designs Skater Dress – Wonder Woman

Will the love for the Boo! Designs Skater Dress* ever cease? (See some of what I’ve made already here and here.)

35222404283_6bfed380a0_bI had no intentions to actually make a Wonder Woman costume for my daughter, but a few months ago I was in Spandex World in NYC and spied the glitter star spandex.

It was calling to me.

I had to have it.


I wanted to have a lot of things in that store actually, but I seriously restrained myself! It was probably a good thing that I had less than one hour to spend in the garment district anyway!


For this dress, I used the Sleeveless Skater Dress bodice with the regular back and princess front, and cut the waistband from the pattern, adding seam allowance to both the top of the waistband piece and the bottom of the top bodice piece.



For the undies, I used the Contrast Briefs from the Boo! Designs Swimmers pattern*. These undies were so easy to make – I really need to whip up a bunch of undies for my daughter as she keeps complaining about her store bought ones. My to-do list never ceases to grow :-P.


I also made a second Wonder Woman dress as a gift for a friend’s daughter. She is a really petite 3 year old, and smaller than the pattern which starts at 2T, so it’s a little big for her. Also, the yellow fabric wasn’t quite as stretchy as it should have been (closer to 50% stretch rather than the recommended 75% stretch), so I think that is also affecting the fit. Hopefully in a year it will fit her a little better!


(photo credit: recipient’s mom!)

Speaking of fabric, I’ve found that when it comes to the solid glitter fabrics, it’s important to look for the “Mystique” brand – I am finding it far superior any other solid sparkly spandex here in the USA. I purchased the red Mystique from JoAnn but they don’t carry it in bright yellow unfortunately.


*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them.

3 thoughts on “Boo! Designs Skater Dress – Wonder Woman”

  1. Wonderful Wonder Woman!!! I get to NYC once a year in January. I brave the cold and spend a couple hours (all the time I ever have to spare) in the fabric district. I never knew what to buy at Spandex World, but now I do!!! Thank you – great post!


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