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Easter Mira Dresses

A few months ago I tested the Elegance & Elephants Mira Dress on my baby girl. I planned to make a second one for her big sister and managed to get it done in time for Easter. It’s just taken a while to get the photos edited and posted up!!


This version uses the final version of the pattern rather than the tester version, and I also correctly lengthened it this time (I wasn’t sure how to lengthen the bodice when I did my first one, so I lengthened the straps as well as the waistline. I would suggest if you need to lengthen the bodice, to do so at the waistline only because as you can see on the baby’s, her straps are too long).


My discovery in doing this photoshoot was that the baby knows how to say “cheese!” I don’t know how she learned this haha. She also likes photobombing, so she might have a future as a spotlight hog like her big sister ;-).


I do love this dress a lot! If it weren’t for my laziness, I could have made the inside seams completely hidden, but I cheated and serged the skirt to the bodice (the suggestion is to attached the skirt to the outer layer and hand sew the skirt to the lining. The instructions show you how to machine sew the invisible zipper and completely hide the seams in the lining. I also French Seamed the skirt (I didn’t bother adjusting the width of the skirt to accommodate that, since it was already quite full).


I’m still learning how to shoot photos of my kids properly. I recently got a white backdrop and set it up on my deck whenever I need to do a shoot. Getting the colors and lighting right though seems to be my constant nemesis! At least my kids LOVE to be photographed!

34347847936_a01eeb57ff_bHere’s a close up (ish) of the invisible zipper at the back. I happen to love invisible zippers ;-). If I cared more, I would have made sure the pattern was completely pattern matched, but only the internet sewing world would really pay attention to that, right? 😉


See, fake out! All these shots are taken on my deck ;-). You thought I had some cool studio right? ;-). I’m using this vinyl backdrop* and this lightweight backdrop stand* that I got from Amazon, along with some of my husband’s unwanted spring clamps.


She really does come up with her own moves 😉



If you’d like to make your own, go over to Elegance & Elephants and grab the Mira Dress! She also has a number of other patterns that I would love to make – the Bubble Shorts and Mori Dress and Top are my other favorites!

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3 thoughts on “Easter Mira Dresses”

  1. Love your photographs and creations Nat. And of course…….those gorgeous girls. Love them!


  2. These are gorgeous dresses!! I LOVE them!! And you have such a pretty and adorable kids, all 3!! I once tested for E&E and loved the pattern, The Mira dress also is such a beauty! Thanks for the links about these photostudio things! I always struggle to make nice pictures as well, there’s always a wall or fence or … that makes a picture less pretty. It seems like it’s not so expensive at all! I have to think about buying one myself 😉 Your pictures are really stunning!


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