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Disney Inspired Boo! Designs Skater Dress

I am loving the Boo! Designs Skater Dress*! It makes the best play costume dresses! I made each of these dresses – Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Aurora for my daughter to wear during our Disney World trip. I loved these because they didn’t need ironing and were compact enough that we could quickly switch into them while in line to meet each character.

Initially I sewed the dresses with wooly nylon in my serger, but I found that they quickly popped seams that way, so I switched to regular polyester thread and this seemed to resolve that issue.

My first dress I did the band style neckband but it was a total bust. I did the foldover one for all of these dresses and it worked a whole lot better. At some point I’d like to try doing it with my binder attachment on my coverstitch (this would require a slightly altered construction method for the side seams).

Even though my coverstitch makes light work of hems, I just LOVE the unhemmed look of spandex! It makes for some really great creativity, such as being able to cut the triangles into Tink’s dress.

I really love most of the fabrics used to make these dresses. The glitter does not easily come off – yay! So you get the sparkles without having a sparkly craft room, washing machine, etc etc! I was able to pick some up cheap online as well as some from Joann. I really wanted to have the same fabric for the Tinkerbell dress but the only place that carried it was going to be crazy expensive, so I had to compromise with the Cosplay shiny green from Joann (horrible fabric — it only lasted one wear before the color started coming off) and some green neon spandex and glitter tulle from Joann for the skirt. Unfortunately my daughter ripped the tulle before I even had a chance to sew it together, but I was in a time crunch by that point and just decided to leave the rip in there, figuring I’d re-do it after our trip. Given how terrible the bodice ended up, I’m glad I didn’t spend the time and money to redo it.

For the Ariel dress, I used the cheap scales from Joann ($2.50 p yard or something). It’s not great quality and I’m sure it will rip soon, so I lined it in green spandex just in case. I also made green spandex leggings to go with it.

The pattern is just awesome – I love all the options. I used both the long sleeved and short sleeved versions, mashing together where necessary.

Material Notes

Nude spandex – LDG Showroom
Green Cosplay – JoAnn
Green spandex – JoAnn
Green Tulle – JoAnn
Light Blue Mystique Spandex – JoAnn
Pearl White Spandex – LDG Showroom
Gold Mystique Spandex – LDG Showroom
Yellow Tulle – JoAnn
Purple Mystique Spandex – JoAnn
Green scales – JoAnn
Kelly Green Spandex – JoAnn
Pink Mystique Spandex – LDG Showroom

*affiliate link

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