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Oliver+S Sailboat Tops

In preparation for our Disney trip and in conjunction with a sew-along hosted by Whimsical Fabric, I made these Oliver+S Sailboat tops for each of my kids. The fabric is lovely and soft. My plan was for it to be worn either as a top or as a lightweight sweater. Hopefully as the weather cools down, they will get some wear as it ended up being too warm at Disney to get much use out of these ones!


The tops were a little time consuming to make as they have facing on them as well as buttons. A lot of people suggest making them longer in the torso and arms. I found the arms to be a perfect length, but the torso could have been a little longer perhaps (I forgot to make the adjustments before I started cutting it out).


I also have matching pants to go with them but haven’t got around to sewing them up just yet!


Material Notes

Disney Mickey Cotton Lycra – NR Fabrics
Red Cotton Lycra – LDG Showroom
Buttons – Wawak

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