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Peppa Pig Sleeveless Hoodie (Ottobre 3/2015)

My kids are crazy about Peppa Pig so when I saw a preorder for a Peppa custom knit come up, I jumped on it. My first foray into custom knits… very dangerous eye candy, LOL. I picked up a yard of fabric and 3 panels – 2 with Peppa and 1 with George. My plan is to make dresses for my two girls (age 4 and 0 right now… I think I’ll make a 2T for the newborn so she can wear it when she’s “into” Peppa).


I liked the idea of making this sleeveless hoodie because I was able to maximize the panel with it. I see a lot of people make things with panels but so many of them scream, “hey! I’m a panel that’s been slapped on here,” and I just didn’t want to do that. To make the panel fit, I did have to adjust the sleeves by shortening them roughly 1/4″ on each side. And then I started to accidentally slice the neckline at the pattern edge rather than giving it a seam allowance… so I kinda tapered that in at one side. I also added the green banding to the front and back because the panel wasn’t long enough to cover the entire front (and I thought it would look better if I did the band front and back rather than just front, for aforementioned reasons!).


I think the front looks a little weird where the hood connects to the front. I’m thinking I will put it through my CS machine and top stitch the seam down. One thing I wish that Ottobre patterns included was instructions for adding twill tape to the back hood seam like in RTW clothing. I’ve thought about adding some on, but currently I don’t have any twill tape. Perhaps coverstitching that seam will be a compromise. Anyway, this adjustment will have to wait until George Pig comes out of the wash. He is covered in chocolate because Mr. 2 refused to let me take it off. He really would have worn it to bed if I had let him!

Material Notes

Cotton Lycra – P.Pig – Custom Print Fabrics by the Little Hatcher
Cotton Lycra (green, yellow) – Custom Print Fabrics by the Little Hatcher

 Originally published on Burda Style 03/22/2016

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