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Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas – Spidey


This is my 11th pair of Oliver+S Sleepover Pajamas… and the first to be blogged. I guess for me it is counter intuitive to take photos of pajamas during the day… since my kids only wear them of a night. And then by the time they are wearing them, it is too dark for photo taking. Sigh.

These pajamas do take a while to put together but my kids and nephews love them and the fit is great. I do take a few short cuts with them now however. I just serge most of the main seams, and I also serge the waistband elastic on and coverstitch over it.

This pair is for my nephew in Australia so it will be a few months before I see them on him :).

Material Notes

Cotton Flannel – JoAnn

Originally published on BurdaStyle 03/14/2016

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