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Oliver+S Art Museum Pants and Sketchbook Shirt

26955981190_d08001507f_bConfession. I started these pants approximately a year ago. I finished them, put them on my toddler and discovered the elastic was way too loose. And then I decided it would make more sense to use adjustable elastic so I left them in the “to do” pile. I bought the elastic and still, they stayed there. Finally, finally this week I pulled out my seam ripper and got to work. I did manage to get the adjustable elastic working, but to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of how the waistband ended up coming together. The elastic is too narrow (why oh why does adjustable elastic only come in one width??!), the buttons that I used with the elastic also need to be bigger (the elastic keeps coming off), so as a result, the waistband looks kinda meh. I’m thinking maybe it would be better to use regular elastic and then add a few inches of adjustable elastic to each end of it… and then also use bigger buttons. Maybe in a year I’ll fix that…


My favorite thing with these pants is something you can’t actually see… The back pockets (which are real!) have cute blue patterned fabric on the inside. I have a ton of fat quarters from winning various online contests so, since I don’t quilt, using them in projects like this is perfect. I used the same fabric for the waistband lining.

Overall, the fit is great, so I should make some more pairs… once I figure out a better waistband method :P.


After I finished the pants, I got to work making the O+S Sketchbook shirt with some Thomas the Tank Engine fabric for my Thomas obsessed son. The only thing I didn’t like with this shirt was the way the collar was done. I ended up with my collar being too wide… I must have messed up some seam allowances along the way. The instructions also called for hand stitching it down… Ugh! Instead I machine basted it, and then top stitched from the front. I’ve since found a tutorial online for doing the collar with a collar stand, eliminating the problem of collar size not matching the neckline. I do have plans to make more of these shirts and will use that tutorial next time.


The verdict from my son? He adores his new clothes. Well, I don’t think he cares about the pants, but he ADORES the shirt. Perhaps if I had done Thomas fabric inside his pants he would obsess about those too. He wore his new outfit to church on Sunday and proudly pointed to his shirt repeating “Thomas, Percy, James!” over and over.

Material Notes

Pinstripe cotton – G Street
Lining –

Shirt fabric – Thomas and Friends, cotton, JoAnn

Originally published on BurdaStyle 03/13/2016

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