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Ottobre Beagle Boy Hoodie (4/2013)

26955977090_095f7d8fc4_bI have a baking obsessed 3 year old nephew, so when I spotted this Lillestoff fabric on sale at Halla Fabrics , I knew I had to get it! Of course, my 4 year old daughter saw the fabric too and insisted she had to have something made with it as well.


Firstly, I think I might be developing a Euro knit addiction. The prints are fabulous, and the fabric weight, color, and feel are amazing. It’s also easy to sew. This could be a dangerous new obsession…


(Aside: I was out with my kids yesterday and saw this little girl with a hoodie that had a cute panda print on it. I was thinking, that’s a cute panda print, but not as nice as some of the other prints I’ve seen in online fabric stores. Then I went to Target and saw the same sweater on the clearance rack, and that’s when it hit me that one of the main reasons that I love to sew for my kids is that I can make unique clothes with awesome fabrics that no one else will have!)


Anyway, this was a straight forward sew. I do wish that I sized up though – I feel like it is a perfect fit right now (I made size 104 for my 4 year old) but might get snug quickly. At least it will get a workout from her younger two siblings in time!

To ensure that the sleeve bands lined up exactly while being serged, I put some wonder tape in the first part of the seam and where the bands connected to the rest of the sleeve. This trick worked fairly well for getting them lined up right.


One thing I did goof on though… I was doing really well keeping both the sizes I was making separate (I don’t know why I didn’t put a mark on each pattern piece to indicate the size it was…). So of course, late night sewing, I realize I have serged the size 96 hood into the 104. Blerg. I decided it was going to be too hard to rip out the seam and then perfectly match the other hood into the already trimmed down neckline (and vice versa), so I just left it as is.

Material Notes

Lillestoff Bakery Fun Cotton Lycra knit – Halla Fabrics
Lillestoff Bakery Pretzels Cotton Lycra knit – Halla Fabrics
White ribbing – JoAnn

Originally published at burdastyle on 03/02/2016

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