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Doll Sleep Sack

Originally published on BurdaStyle 5/26/2015

18101908662_6236c42c9f_bI spotted this doll sleep sack on my blog feeds right as my 3 year old looked over my shoulder. Of course, I then had to promise to make her one. In Minnie Mouse fabric. I wanted to work on it while she played with the 1 year old, but since that ended in tears, I ended up doing it that night after the kids went to bed. It ended up being a great way to bribe the 3 y/o to go straight to sleep that night!!

I accidentally cut the yoke out of this one, resulting in extra work for me (since I didn’t have a contrasting fabric for the yoke or bother with piping).

Overall, it’s a very cute, well put together sleep sack. Probably more than is necessary for a toy, but my daughter loves it!


Material Notes

Cotton – Minnie Mouse (

Straight Grain – Lua for Dolls


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