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Ottobre Drummer Jacket 4/2013

16406925095_d47d93cc93_bI made this jacket for my friend’s baby shower and paired it with the Oliver + S School Photo Dress. It was such an easy sew! I’m quickly falling in love with Ottobre patterns. I decided to use freezer paper to trace out the pattern (I usually use regular tracing paper), and that made it a lot easier to cut out, since there was no chance of the pattern pieces shifting as I cut them. I think freezer paper will be my new friend!


I would say the trickiest thing was doing the binding – I like to do my top stitching with a twin needle and stretch thread in the bottom, but since my stretch thread is off-white, I thought it would look bad on the sweater if it was visible. So I used the same top stitching thread in the bobbin and then reduced the tension. The finish was OK but not as nice as it is with the stretch thread (which I used in the cuffs).


Overall, I love how this jacket turned out. I want to make another one for my daughter!


Material Notes

Poly/Cotton Sweater Fleece – Jo-Ann
Clear buttons – Jo-Ann
Poly/Cotton knit binding – Jo-Ann

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