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Ottobre Stardust Hooded Jacket with Diagonal Zipper

Originally published on BurdaStyle 12/03/2014

16406934645_8c6bed8f57_bI finally made something for my son! It also happened to be my very first project from an Ottobre magazine (4/2013). The diagonal zipper was what caught my attention, so when I found some blue fleece on clearance at Joann, I decided it would work well as this sweater. (Incidentally, I have got great mileage out of the yard I picked up, having also used it for my daughter’s Madeline costume!). Anyway, it’s super warm, so it will be especially great once the weather drops below freezing in a few weeks.


The directions were very clear and easy to follow. The two things that made me most nervous were 1) the pocket (item list called for 2 pocket pieces but directions only referred to 1 piece, so I just used 1 piece!), and the zipper (I had never shortened a molded plastic zipper before, and I was worried about it completely falling apart, but it actually was quite simple! Just used my husband’s pliers and cut the teeth, then pried them off with my fingers).


I love how professional this garment looks (as long as you don’t look tooooo close at some of the top stitching, hehe). The side pocket is really cute, and the sleeve cuffs can roll up if they’re too long to show a peek-a-boo of the lining. I made size 80 (equal to 18 months) and my son is almost 11 months.

Material Notes

Outer: Fleece (Joann remnant)
Lining: Liverpool (G Street remnant)
Zipper: YKK

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