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Lemon Drop Toddler Dress

This post is from my archives! Originally posted on September 12, 2014

I recently won a copy of Anna Maria Horner’s Lemon Drop Top/Tunic/Dress for women, children and toddlers (aff link), as well as 2 lengths of AMH knit fabric. The rule was that I had to sew up the dress in the assigned fabric for my toddler and take a photo of it so that AMH could use it on her website (tomorrow apparently!).

The pattern wasn’t as easy to follow as Oliver+S (which is what I’m more familiar with), and it is worth having an understanding of knits before proceeding with it. AMH’s website says to treat her knits as if they are wovens…. but I would rather err on the side of caution and add in the stay tape and use a stretch seam anyway.

If I had one complaint about the pattern it would be the neckline. It is really easy to sew, but it seems to be too wide, drooping off my daughter’s shoulder. I think I may need to sew the overlapping sections together so that it doesn’t keeping doing that.

I never would have put these two prints together, but surprisingly, they actually seem to work! The fabric has a nice hand to it, and I would definitely buy more of her knits.

Sewing this up made me REALLY wish I had a coverstitch machine – I was constantly switching the threads and needles on my sewing machine between doing the seams and top stitching! (I want to be sure that I will do lots of knits in the future before dropping money on a Janome Coverpro!)

Material Notes

Anna Maria Horner Interlock – Family Unit Knit Partridge, Sealing Wax Toucan

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