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Oliver + S Secret Agent Trench Coat


(Originally appeared on BurdaStyle, June 1, 2014)

I really need to get a picture of my daughter wearing this Oliver+S Secret Agent Trench Coat! But in the meantime, these photos will have to do!


This is a pretty simple pattern to put together. For me, the trickiest part was the bias binding. If there is one thing I struggle to do neatly, it is always bias binding! I was also having mega issues making my binding. The first time, I made it too narrow (failed to measure properly), the second time I didn’t actually cut it on the bias, and didn’t realize until I was finished ironing the darn thing, and the third time, I almost cut it wrong again, but realized before I messed up again! Oiy.


My other issue was putting the buttonholes in. I was having issues with my automatic buttonhole foot – it kept skipping stitches – I think because of the seams that it was sewing against. I’ve since bought a manual buttonhole foot for doing similar projects. The button holes were also a bit stretched – the fabric is a stretch twill and I’m not very familiar with working with stretch fabrics yet. Oh well, only I will notice these things!

Anyways, this is a great pattern and looks so stylish!

Material Notes

Fabric: Cotton Stretch Twill in red
Binding: Quilting cotton from Joann (Christmas clearance!)

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